Bride & Groom - include parents

A beacon of light on the Bride and Groom Sand Ceremony which includes their parents

Sand Ceremony - Sand Illumination

The history of the sand ceremony is unclear; some have suggested the origins are in ancient "Salt Covenant" as an everlasting & binding promise. Today it has become a popular alternative to the Unity Candle. Like the Unity Candle it symbolizes the joining of the bride and groom as one, as inseparable as the grains of sand when mixed together. The advantage of the Sand Ceremony is its easy adaption to different situations and weather conditions. Discuss with your Officiant how to incorporate this sentimental moment into your service. If your Officiant is not familiar with the sand ceremony explain that it is an alternative to the Unity Candle and can be incorporated the same way.

Basic Steps:
Before the service begins, add about two-thirds of the white sand vase to the bottom of the larger vase. This sand is represents the spiritual foundation as the source of strength in their lives and for the marriage. 

Sand Ceremony - Sand Illumination Sand Ceremony - Groom's Mother Pours Sand Ceremony - Bride's Mother Pours Sand Ceremony - Groom, Bride & Officiant Pour Together

- First the Mother of the Groom is escorted to her seat. But instead of sitting she walks to the sand ceremony vase and pours in about two-thirds of the sand from the groom's vase into the larger vase. Then sits goes back to her seat and sits down.  This sand represents the groom's life before today.

- Second the Mother of the Bride is escorted to her seat. But like the groom's mother walks to the sand ceremony vase and pour about two-thirds of the sand from the bride's vase into the larger vase on top of the groom's sand.  This sand represents the bride's life before today.

- During the wedding service generally after the vows or promises to wed and before the rings the bride and groom along with the with the Officiant would go to the sand ceremony vases.
Then together all three pour the sand in the larger vase at the same time. Mixing the three colors of sand as a result, signifies the union of all three, creating an inseparable unit.

- The Sand IlluminationGlass Oil Lamp topper offers one final step to signify your flame of eternal love for each other, while beautifully protecting you from life’s little spills. Light it on your special day and on every special day to come.

This wonderful keepsake can be a reminder of your beautiful day for years to come.

Sand Ceremony - Sand Illumination

Practical Considerations:

Neutral / Natural color sands will allow for greater flexibility for display in the future.

Assure the sand is of enough difference in color to be able to tell where one stops and the other starts.

Pre-measure the sand. You want to make sure there is enough sand to fill the vase, but not so much that it will be running all over the top of the container.